Thursday, October 10, 2019

Were the Kurds Used To Intimidate Ukraine?

If you haven't followed the news recently, the Trump impeachment story is plastered on every headline. Here is food for thought:

Trump got in trouble for having a conversation with the president of Ukraine, where he asked for a favor with his phrasing seemingly tying the favor to the military aid. The impeachment investigation had already revealed that just days prior to the call Trump had put a hold on the congressionally appropriated funds to Ukraine, establishing that the military aid mentioned during his phone call would be predicated on this favor - investigating his political opponent for a conspiracy theory cooked up by his personal lawyer and right-wing websites.

Trump has obviously denied any wrongdoing, instead confirming the details of the whistle-blower complaints, doubling down on his actions, and going on a media tirade against democrats, who had opened up an impeachment inquiry following the revelations of the complaint.

Shortly after the impeachment investigation started, the administration has decided to stonewall Congressional democrats and claim the investigation unconstitional and claiming Trump did not engage in "quid pro quo" bribery to get dirt on his political opponent.

But here is what is suspicious - shortly after all this, the administration released the appropriated funds and the Ukrainian president announced there would be an investigation into the closed cases of the former fired prosecutor at the center of Trump's conspiracy theory.

What is even more suspicious is that shortly after Trump betrayed America's Kurdish allies by withdrawing troops allowing Turkish forces to attack, Ukraine, that is facing it's own domestic conflict with Russian-backed separatists, stated the call with Trump involved no bribery.

So a conversation that seemed to demonstrate "quid pro quo" and a subsequent completion of the bribe was followed by the other party pretty much parroting Trump a day after seeing what could happen should America abandon an ally.

Were the Kurds used to intimidate Ukraine, similar to a classic mob tactic?

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