Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Manipulated Media on Facebook!

There has been recent news when President Trump retweeted a doctored video that was tweeted out by his own campaign (by Dan Scavino) that seemed to show presumptive Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden endorsing a reelection for Donald Trump.  Twitter was quick to utilize their new policy labeling the video "manipulated media" but Facebook had not seemed to follow suit, believing deceptively editing audio or video, such as rearranging the recording to alter the context, does not classify as "manipulated media" and thus a violation of their community standards.

But then there is something that seemed much more subversive on the social media platform - posts that seemed to promote the lie and that are linked to actual news articles that once you click the post leads to a completely different headline.

This article from Newsweek that seems to support the lie that Biden endorsed Trump appeared on Facebook:

But when the link was followed, it led to this article:

And in this article it included the full quote that was taken out of context by the Trump team.

Vice President Biden rightfully protested the deceptive tweet and in response Facebook had started labeling the doctored video "partly false."

Despite this update, it seems that somehow people have either found a workaround to to the social networks policies or are manipulating posts to give the appearance that more reputable news organizations support these doctored recordings.

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