Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tripp Palin Calls Aunt "Faggot"

"Isn't it funny that he uses such hateful words at such a young age?"

In a recent episode of Bristol Palin's reality television program, "Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp," Palin's son Tripp called his aunt, Bristol's sister Willow, a "faggot."

That's right.  The three-year-old was mad that his mother and aunt were telling him he couldn't do something (all the while laughing at his increasingly aggressive and hateful behavior) when he finally told Willow that he hated her and that she was a "faggot."

This incident raises a couple questions.  Where (or who) did he hear this word from and how did he know to use it in a hateful context?

Considering the fact that Willow has used this word in the past to insult Palin dissenters, we can get an idea that this word is generally accepted in the Palin household and in the video Bristol admits she doesn't really discipline Tripp, but would she really discipline him for using that word?

Watch the video clip here.