While each blog post is created equally, here are some of the blog posts that I have found to stand out. The following links are what I consider to be my personal favorites.  I had tried to organize the links with the oldest articles appearing at the top and the newest articles towards the bottom.


From Palin to Failin'

OTARD Rules and the Changing Face of Telecomunications Technology

An Analysis of Palin's Writing's From Her Political Action Committee Website

Where Are Washington's Mavericks?

The Conservative Myth About a "Civilian National Security Force"

Rove, Gregg Flip Flop On Reconciliation

Glenn Beck Warns Of People Like Hannity, Beck: Stay Away

Undercover ACORN Investigators Are Conservative Activists; Aim To "Be Their Own Media"

Fox News In Bed With Andrew Breitbart

Giles', Shackelford's Definition Of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

Pat Buchanan's 1992 GOP Convention Speech Could Have Been Delivered On Fox News Today

Glenn Beck Receives Fox News Welfare

Secular Equals Liberal? 

Barack Obama And Valerie Jarrett Linked To Iranian Socialism, Campaign Contribution Corruption, And Indoctrination Of Youth

The Oracle Of Wasilla: Cater The Base, Don't Court The Moderates

ACORN, The WFP, The GOP, And Hoffman

What Does Glenn Beck, Doug Hoffman, Obama, And The Conservative Party Have In Common? Volunteerism.

Palin Supported Cap-And-Trade Before Against It.

Christian Conservatives Openly Promote Discrimination Despite Biblical Teachings Of Tolerance

Sand Lake Hills Homeowners Association And The RICO Act

Big Government Makes Claims Regarding "Fiscally Conservative" Europe, Despite Right's Claims Europe Is Socialist...

Conservatives Hail Olympic Power Of Capitalism, So What Was Wrong With Chicago Again?

Glenn Beck Distorts History, Attacks House-Passed Health Care Bill

Real Estate Agent's And Lawyer's Inherent Conflict Of Interest With Homeowner's Association (A Look At Paul McGarigal And Larsen & Associates)

Mandatory HOA Versus Mandatory Maintenance HOA

Another Reason Why Sand Lake Hills HOA's Amended Covenants Are Invalid - They Dilute The Voting Rights Of Non-Member Parcel Owners

Treaty Of Tripoli Of 1797

Bill Press Calls For Eric Erickson's Arrest, Does "Imminent Lawless Action" Test Apply?

The Midnight Review Comes Under Attack From Right-Wing Blog The Midknight Review

The Midknight Review: Round Two

The Midknight Review: Round Three - Despite Baseless Allegations Against The  Midnight Review, Smithson Plagiarizes Work

This "Political Huckster" Can Do The Math

The Midknight Review Strikes Again With Baseless Assertions, Incorrect Information, And Numerous Contradictions

The Midknight Review Formally Requests The Midnight Review To "Cease And Desist" Use Of Name

John Smithson's Inadequate Response To My Questions

John Smithson Lies Some More, Demonstrates His Ignorance Of Online Advertisements

Conservatives Believe Democrats Courting Puerto Rico For Political Gain, Ignore The Facts

GOP Pass Abortion Bill Requiring Women To Have (And Pay) For An Ultrasound To Try And Change Their Mind

How Many Republicans Are Communist?

Obama's Oil Contributions And The Contradicting Right-Wing Claims

Flawed Conservative Argument Claims Obama Negligent In Faisal Shahzad's Removal From No-Fly List, Despite No Proof

Right Attacks FEMA And President's Response To Flooding, Contradicting States' Rights Claims That FEMA Oversteps Federal-State Boundaries

Sarah Palin Cherry-Picks Historical Quotes For Advancing Agenda

Conservative Revisionism Equates To Historical Amnesia. Just Ask Dr. Moreno From big Government.

Arab-American Rima Fakih Wins Miss USA Pageant, Spurs Right-Wing "Nontroversy"

Andrew Breitbart Allows Flaming On Big Sites To Further Agenda

Palin Supported Cap-And-Trade Before Against It.

The Spiral Of Silence And The Tea Party Minority

Paul McGarigal Writes For The Sand Lake Hills Newsletter, Misrepresents Self To Residents

Right-Wing Newspeak: "Democrat Party" Versus "Democratic Party"

Did Big Government Misrepresent Job Loss Figures For 2008 And 2009?

John Smithson, Conservatives Skew Poll To Push Agenda

John Smithson Claims Distribution Rights Over Other's Works

Financial Reform Bill And The SEC - What's The Deal With The Right's Hysteria?

Sharron Angle's Angle On What Is Wrong With The Government

John Smithson Calls Midnight Review Author A "Jihadist"

Race Baiting At Glenn Beck's The Blaze

Michele Bachmann Wants To Hold Constitutional Classes For Congress

Supreme Court Hears Video Game Censorship Case, Judge Alito's Constitutional Hypocrisy.

Chuck DeVore Afraid Of "Crotch Grabs," Uses John Tyner Story For Political Agenda

Big Government Supports Piracy, Deterioration Of Intellectual Property Rights

Sarah Palin Blames Obama For Wikileaks, Can't Get Her Facts Straight In Doing So

Rep. David Dreir Lies About Education, Child Nutrition Cuts In Regards To Symbolic GOP Bill

Big Government Quick To Compare Egypt Turmoil To Obama Presidency

Big Journalism's "Undercover Journalism" Hypocrisy

Big Peace's Schweizer Criticizes U.S. Arms Sales Using Skewed Figures and Failing To Understand The Big Picture