Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Judy Kudlow Hypocrisy...

Top Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow recently promoted the new Small Business Administration loan program for small businesses touting the application process as easy because his self-employed artist wife, Judy Kudlow, applied for a loan from a local bank using a single piece of paper and got it.  Kudlow, a high-ranking government official worth multi-millions didn't disclose how much his wife had received from the SBA and there had not been any indication (so far) that Kudlow's wife had any preferential treatment but his comments did raise eyebrows because of the stated ease to apply, which many have stated dissatisfaction with in the disorganized roll-out using private banks as middlemen, as well as the fact that as someone of wealth and means was seemingly able to receive a loan in record time.

What makes this story more outrageous is that the Trump had looked to make it harder for liberal arts students to obtain loans under the rational that artists are harder to employ and should understand their employment risks in their chosen career path.

Shouldn't Judy Kudlow have understood the risks of unemployment in the career she took as an artist?

How did she obtain a loan so quickly while other less prominent applicants have been waiting for weeks?

If she is a self-employed artist worth multi-millions, what exactly was her loan going towards?