Saturday, July 9, 2011

Defund Bachmann & Associates! SIGN THE PETITION!

2012 GOP Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann loves talking about smaller government, reduced taxes and subsidies, and how much she loves America and the Constitution, but when it comes to her family, all those things she holds near and dear to her heart can be thrown out the window.  Michelle Bachmann's family has benefited from federal and state subsidies receiving funds for their radical Christian counseling center, Bachmann & Associates.

Bachmann's clinic uses controversial (and outright wrong) treatments, such as bible-based anti-gay therapy to help keep patients heterosexual and "moral."  Hidden cameras revealed clinic employees telling patients to read scripture, pray, and seek out masculine heterosexuals to train them on being straight and to repair their sexuality.

Sign this petition for elected officials of both the state of Minnesota and the Federal government telling them that it is wrong for such a clinic to be receiving taxpayer money.

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