Sunday, December 16, 2018

Giuliani's Judas Metaphor a Slip?

With each passing day it appears that the Trump administration just keeps digging a deeper hole.  Countless people associated with the president, and by default, his campaign, organization, inauguration, transition, and family have found themselves either under investigation (or close to it) or guilty of one crime or another. So it comes as no surprise when Trump's legal team seems to constantly go on the offensive making excuses, shifting explanations, and trying their hardest to delegitimize the current Mueller investigation into whether or not the president had colluded with a foreign power to get elected.

One constant attack that is made against those who speak out or cooperate with the investigation is that they are either a liar or a traitor to the president. Rudy Giuliani, Trump's current counsel, has referred to numerous people that have turned on Trump as "Judas."

Back in May he referred to the former FBI director as the famous biblical figure and as recently as Friday (December 13th, 2018) he also referred to Trump's former personal attorney as being a "Judas" as well.

What makes this funny is that while Giuliani is implying that the two were disloyal to the president and betrayed him, if you look at the full biblical account of Judas Iscariot you would see that Giuliani may actually be professing Trump's guilt.

Should you actually pick up a Bible and read, Judas betrayed Jesus by calling him "rabbi" in front of a crowd and as a result revealing Jesus' true identity. If we take Giuliani's use of the name and the context of the story, he is upset not with the disloyalty of Cohen or Comey but the fact that they revealed the true nature of Trump to the people.

Giuliani also admitted to The Daily Beast that Trump had committed a crime.

“Nobody got killed, nobody got robbed,” he said. “This was not a big crime.”

It appears these false narratives or incorrect uses of rhetorical devices (or even things like diagrams) seems to persist among circles on the right. It makes you wonder why they are so disingenuous? Guess they lie about even the most simple and verifiable facts.