Coming soon! The Midnight Review is proud to announce it's entrance into multimedia blogging with the future program The Midnight Review's NightCap! The program will aim to be a comedic look at the day's popular headlines, similar to what you will see on SNL's Weekend Update or Comedy Central's The Daily Show, but with a Midnight Review flare of course.

While currently in it's developmental stage, NightCap! will attempt to merge the opinions and commentary with the music of The Midnight Plumbers, and will broadcast each program on The Midnight Plumbers' YouTube channel.

Here is an example of a past project combining the Plumbers' music with photos:

In case you were not aware of what exactly a night cap is, apart from being a cap worn to bed, it is also defined as an alcoholic drink taken before one goes to sleep. I thought this definition, combined with the "midnight" theme and the program formatting to be both fun and appropriate.