Friday, February 24, 2023

Trump Staff Uploaded Classified Documents to Cloud

     Last year the Department of Justice took unprecedented measures to retrieve classified documents from former President Donald Trump after months of back and forth negotiations and delays from the reluctant disgraced politician. 

As the story unfolded there had been various developments, from Trump requesting and receiving a Special Master to the case after judge shopping for one of his friendly appointees to having that Special Master dismissed on appeal by the DoJ. But in December it was revealed that more documents were found in Trump’s residence even after the DoJ searched during the summer. 

How did they get there?

Many stories point to a variety of factors but one that stood out was that amateur staffers of the president were uploading documents to the cloud and that it was only discovered later that there were classified documents among the mixed up box of presidential records. Trump’s attorneys tried to minimize the discovery and dismiss it as an easily made mistake, being that the classified markings were “little” but all media agencies seemed to overlook the bigger story here - Trump’s staff was scanning and uploading classified documents to the cloud. 

What purpose were they doing this for and who has access to the cloud storage where they uploaded these classified documents to?

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  1. I'm sure Putin has all of Trump's passwords, all of which begin with PREZ45


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