Friday, August 19, 2011

Charlie Rangel and Laura Ingraham Fight!

I am generally not a fan of Charlie Rangel but I agree with him in that Laura Ingraham was giving a speech and was less interested in any kind of response given by Rangel.  Rangel has also been criticized for his "pretty girl" comment but I think it is legitimate considering the argument Ingraham made earlier regarding the word "plantation" - she wanted to know what words conservatives are allowed to use regarding black people but when Rangel calls her a "pretty girl," she has a fit calling it condescending.  Rangel was simply pointing out that Fox News brings in attractive women of zero substance to make arguments on the Republican's behalf - if she had a problem with comments regarding gender, she should have set up parameters for the interview stating comments like the one Rangel made were unacceptable.  Rangel could have countered asking just what words Ingraham would have liked him to use to describe her.


  1. Rangel also made a good point regarding the inherited wars and the fact Republicans obstructed to "liberalism" for the past few years, but Ingraham didn't care to hear much of that. She just wanted to spout her crap from her pulpit.
    I'm sure her conservative fans gobbled it all up.

  2. She's a stooge. Fox will do anything to vilify blacks, liberals, liberal women, and the poor. Anything. They will lie, cheat, make things up, and spin an event so that the conservatives are always the victims. If that fails, they can always use God for something. I refuse to watch this woman, or any of the bimbos at Fox (including the sham that is Sean Hannity.) Murdoch can't be taken down soon enough.


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