Friday, July 10, 2009

After the July 4 Tea Parties, What Do They Mean?

I like the idea of a "tea party" as a show of patriotism and symbolic reverence to our forefathers. What I dislike is that a minority of a political party is pushing through an agenda at a national level. These tea parties are propagating divisive and false rumors (Obama being a Muslim, Obama not being a natural citizen). In the previous census, 52% of Americans identified themselves as Christian. The idea that America is a "Christian" nation is insulting to the roughly 148 million non-Christians or those with no preference. To even define Christianity is a task unto itself.

Out of those who associate themselves as Christian, you still have further divisions between various groups such as Protestants, Mormons, and Catholics, where there is still tension between the groups. I have known people to refer to Catholicism as a cult or saint worshipers. Are those religions that deviate with the majority of Christian Americans non-American or second class citizens because they do not conform with the definition of Christian presented by the right-wing bigots?

These hypocritical Tea Parties will focus on numerous hot button issues that follow an anti-big government pro constitution platform. Majority of these ardent supporters of the constitution are also those same who want to ban homosexual marriage, even though that is not explicitly mentioned in the constitution. Their solution is to add the Federal Marriage Amendment...
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