Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Health Care Reform Means to the Middle Class (Hint: Jobs)

The potential long term savings of health care reform is far greater then to just simply ignore the situation, hoping for it to resurface at a later point in time. Conservative politics have created a culture of refusal, simply taking the converse of any Democratic position by virtue.

What the Republicans are really doing is performing a refusal much like in horse riding, where a horse does not jump a fence he is presented, resulting in a penalty, and in some instances rider injury. The conservative refusal of presented options will result in the injury of the American public, and instead of presenting an alternative, they seem content with the status quo.

Simply put, a healthy society offers better workers. Not only would health care increase productivity and quality of life for all citizens, but the potential to reduce costs and increase economic activity is great. With 15% of Americans completely uninsured, the burden of medical costs can be tremendous, causing bankruptcy, which in turn negatively effects credit, which greatly reduces the spending power of the uninsured. With local governments and hospitals eating the cost of such unpaid bills, local government, industry, and people suffer.

Insuring those 45 million people not only prevents the loss of income and profit from the health industry and government, but it stands to reduce costs to those who are capable of paying, as well as adding millions of potential consumers, who were previously unable to pay.
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