Sunday, July 5, 2009

The First of Many

I would like to explore many subjects in the life of this blog... everything ranging from politics and business analysis to the creation of music and movies.

I have read numerous blogs over the past couple of months and have been surprised by the both the content of some blogs and the comments left behind and felt that I could benefit by such dialogue. I am tired of the confines of traditional communication methods and feel that I should move into the new global scene.

In 2005 I was introduced to MySpace and found some of it's features intriguing, especially the music profile portion. I was amazed that I could post a song of my own creation and reach a fan base in France or Greece.

Before then, I had only used the internet to make one dimensional websites, where I posted content but had limited interaction with those who viewed my pages. Now I can grow with the thoughts and philosophies of those who I come into digital contact with.

I had used chat rooms back in high school and bulletin board systems prior to the internet but had never fully realized the potential. Chat rooms lacked stimulating intellectual discussion and the bulletin board systems were slow, and the amount of time invested in dialing a board in hopes of a response was great (barring no interruptions from incoming calls). I suppose I gave up on technology and became a partial Luddite, but have been slowly growing out of that phase.

I am still angered when my college had begun paperless assignments and online discussions, but I now see that I was not angry with the technology, but with the poor transition.

So now I look to the future and hope to have interesting things to write about and explore.

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