Monday, April 11, 2011 Attacks Bernie Sanders Over "Made In America" Souvenirs!

I recently saw a post on Big Government's website by regarding Bernie Sanders, in which the Vermont independent wanted the Smithsonian Institute to only sell souvenirs made in America.
In the midst of a massive fiscal crisis, a take-no-prisoners budget battle, a historically long recession, and two (make that three) wars, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) knows what really matters.

He’s pushing the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. to only sell bobble-heads, T-shirts, snow-globes, and other souvenirs that are made in America. After getting a letter from and taking a meeting with the self-described Green Mountain State socialist, the folks at the Smithsonian have agreed to increase the amount of domestically produced junk for sale in their gift shops. They’re even constructing a new gift shop solely to products manufactured in America that will be called the Price of Freedom.

During a recent trip to the National Mall, found that such nativist grandstanding plays well with the man in the street, but CATO policy analyst Sallie James says protectionism doesn’t come cheap. In fact, top-down attempts to keep Americans in low-level manufacturing jobs is a great way to ruin the economy, whether we’re talking about Founding Father thimbles or higher-end electronics.
I couldn't believe my eyes.  Big Government and were actually advocating against American manufacturers because protectionist actions are damaging to the economy.  This is interesting because of all the fear-mongering the right is guilty of - they constantly try to scare the "man in the street" into thinking China, or really any foreign nation, is out to take our jobs.

For example, there was this story, where the author Kerri Toloczko complains that the government should do something about China's illegal trade practices - those very same practices that make those super-cheap souvenirs in the Smithsonian's gift shop.

Bernie Sanders is an enemy of conservatives and the right will try to find any way to ridicule the man - especially if he uses one of their talking points...


  1. "top-down attempts to keep Americans in low-level manufacturing jobs is a great way to ruin the economy, whether we’re talking about Founding Father thimbles or higher-end electronics"

    Right. Instead of keeping "low-level manufacturing" jobs in America, we should focus on making every American a CEO, Professional Athlete or Movie Star.

  2. The typical argument from the right-wing is that we are shipping jobs overseas. China is using illegal practices to make cheaper goods and Americans cannot compete, but now, when Bernie Sanders - a socialist - says we need to increase some manufacturing jobs, or at least make the souvenirs in American museum gift shops in America, the right screams it is a leftist plot to "keep" workers in "low-level" positions.

    Where are the cries that McDonalds is trying to keep Americans in low-level paying jobs by hiring 50,000 people? Walmart?

  3. Oh gosh, everthing's bait and switch with them (where are jobs, teabaggers?). Of course, the Reason Foundation is largely underwritten by the Brothers Koch. You know: who scream and inveigh against big government, but made their money on government contracts? (And swiped quite a bit of national and Indian oil in the process).

    Why are we surprised anymore? For hypocrisy to stick as a legitimate charge, the hypocrite has to have a conscience, so that they feel pain. And, in order to feel moral pain, you have to have a soul.

    I respectfully rest my case.

  4. This only proves that Democrats can screw the Republicans over by just professing an opinion held by the right-wing.

    I bet should the Democrats state they don't want to raise the debt ceiling, Republicans would cry that liberals are trying to enslave the public within the confines of their budget restrictions.

    Planned Parenthood? Democrats could say they want the organization defunded and Republicans will come out in defense of women's health clinics...

  5. And also, Sen. Sanders is to be condemned for desiring a watered-down health-care bill when so many folks are in need. -end snark-


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