Monday, October 3, 2011

Comparing Comments On Big Government

It looks like some of the folks at Big Government haven't learned. Frequent Big commenter IronHawk86 is known for making inflammatory and violent remarks such as this one directed towards myself:
To my surprise the Big sites have actually followed through with my reports on IronHawk86's comments and deleted the offending comments. This upset the immature poster and he had this to say:

Wouldn't Big Government be the Nazis considering they were the ones to delete the comment?  And why is he upset - his comment wasn't even making a point.

Anyway, it seems IronHawk86 hasn't really learned a thing.  Despite Big Government deleting a long line of IronHawk86's comments for being offensive, the anonymous brat decided to up the ante and promote violence in some of his more recent comments:

Would you like to compare IronHawk86's comments to maybe those found on NPR?

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  1. You must remember, these persons have an agenda and they simply can not handle any facts to the contrary. As a result, when they are confronted with the truth, they resort to crude and offensive comments. However, there is a clear double standard. I have been banned on Bigjournalism for more than a year because I went after James O'Keefe when he attempted to seduce the CNN reporter. I did not use any four letter words. However, they can call you every four letter name or even threaten Obama, and they are not sanctioned.


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