Monday, September 5, 2011

Mitt Romney's Voting Record!

I thought this was too funny to pass up.  Tony Schinella wrote the following for the Concord Patch regarding Mitt Romney's presence at a Tea Party event:
About 25 members and activists of assorted Tea Party organizations in New Hampshire held a counter-demonstration on Sunday, before the appearance of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, stating that while the candidate was speaking at the Tea Party Express rally in Concord, they did not consider him a member of the movement.

Jerry DeLemus, whose Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC meets right near Romney’s summer home in Wolfeboro, said that neither the candidate nor campaign representatives have met with activists in New Hampshire, despite their requests and invitations.

“A photo op is just that, a photo op,” he said. “I can have my picture taken outside the Supreme Court and that doesn’t make me a Supreme Court justice.”

DeLemus said despite his voting record not being in line with Tea Party activists, they would still like to talk to Romney about why he made the decisions he made while governor.

Andrew Hemingway, the chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, said Romney’s values were not the Tea Party’s values.
Emily Friedman wrote the following for ABC News' blog The Note:
Many of the protesters repeat the same “anyone but Romney” line, explaining that they cannot see past his voting history, particularly when it comes to health care.
When had Mitt Romney held a position to vote?  He lost his 1994 bid for the U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy and his only government position held was governor of Massachusetts, which he held from 2003 to 2007.  Last time I checked, the governor doesn't vote with the legislature.

I find this interesting because this seemingly innocuous comment is a little more revealing - it shows the ignorance of the tea party movement.  They cry about all the horrible things with government but they have no idea what they are talking about.  They call their critics socialist without knowing what that word even means and they attack a candidate's voting record despite one not existing.


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