Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Republicans - Not Just Obama Administration - Involved In Solyndra "Scandal"

Michael McAuliff wrote the following for The Huffington Post:
Solyndra first came into the picture during the Bush administration, when it was one of just 16 firms found eligible for several billion dollars available in the Energy Policy Act of 2005's guaranteed loan program.

And more, the Energy Policy Act, which the Bush administration used to promote Solyndra, was passed by the same committee under the leadership of Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas).

One Democrat noted that while the GOP has been having a field day with the involvement of an Obama bundler, another major investor in a similar position is Madrone Capital Partners, run by Walmart's Walton family -- major GOP donors.

Further, the Bush administration nearly pushed a guaranteed loan through for Solyndra the day before Obama took office, ThinkProgress reported.
Conservatives are more interested in politicizing this situation, with top Republicans in congress calling for investigations of all sorts but the truth is they are guilty of the same cronyism they blame the president and his administration of.

Should the Obama administration held off on backing Solyndra?


While it appears that the root cause of this whole thing stems from Solyndra's inability to compete with less expensive manufacturers overseas, this is also very telling - American industry stands no chance against the likes of Chinese products without heavy investment from the government.  Once such industries become established only then they will be competitive in a world market, but more importantly, be competitive in America.

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