Sunday, October 18, 2009

Barack Obama And Valerie Jarrett Linked To Iranian Socialism, Campaign Contribution Corruption, And Indoctrination Of Youth

Considering what passes for news on Fox News, I figured I would try my hand at writing a piece for them.  Deciding what to write about seems pretty simple.  I could spin a wheel consisting of administration officials, or throw darts until one hits a name, but because I don't have a wheel handy or my darts sharpened, I will just pick one of the many officials that I have heard demonized on programs such as Glenn Beck.

Because I am lazy, I have decided  to select the last official that I heard about on Beck's show, which has been a few days, and that official would be Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Next, I will need to link Valerie Jarrett to something bad, like socialism, corruption, ACORN, propaganda, indoctrination, or something along those lines.  I have decided to select more than one, and so I chose for the purpose of my experiment socialism, corruption, and indoctrination of the youth.

My quest to write a Fox News story has gotten increasingly more difficult with the selection of not one, but three bad things Mrs. Jarrett has done or can be associated to.  Doing a quick search on Wikipedia got me my lead.  It seems that Valerie was born in Iran.  This small, innocuous fact is perfect for conservative news because of the negative connotations associated with Iran.  More specifically, she was born in Shiraz, Iran.  Doing some research about her birthplace, I had discovered some other famous people from Shiraz, but only one yielded positive results, and that was Mohamed Nemazee.

The name Nemazee rang a bell when I first read it, and that is because a Hassan Nemazee was recently in the news for allegedly defrauding banks.  He was also a top contributor to the Obama campaign.  For the hat trick, his family had founded the hospital that Valerie Jarrett was born in.

Now that I got my corruption link down, I need socialism and indoctrination to finish my first Fox News story.  This is where Wikipedia came in handy yet again.  Valerie Jarrett's father was involved in a program that brought Americans to Iran to help develop the nation, and her father happened to work in the hospital that Hassan Nemazee's father had founded.  Wikipedia had helpful information about Valerie Jarrett's mother, regarding an institute she helped found designed to train educators on understanding the role family and culture play on a child's life.  This very institute's Board of Trustees included Thomas G. Ayers, father of William Ayers, the once leader of the Weather Underground.  This information was just too good to be true.  The conservative base loves the Weather Underground.

Given my little bit of research, I now decided to get creative in painting a picture, showing that Valerie Jarrett's place in the administration is rooted in socialist principles, in which she plans to indoctrinate the youth with, and that she is part of the vast corruption that plagues the Democratic party.

Here is what I came up with:
If you were unfamiliar with Valerie Jarrett's past, I would think that it is interesting to start with her birth.  She was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1956, where her father, James Bowman, was working as a doctor for an American program intended to aid developing countries strengthen their health efforts. 

While in Shiraz, Bowman had become acquainted with a prominent Iranian by the name of Mohamed Nemazee.  It was during his stay in Iran that James Bowman, as well as Mohamed Nemazee, had allegedly gotten involved in pro-communist movements, including such organizations as the Tudeh Party of Iran, that called for the nationalization of such industries like oil, in which the Nemazee had also been involved with, but the crackdown following the 1953 Coup against Masaddeq forced both of these men to curtail any public support, which eventually led to Bowman leaving to London in 1961, and then later returning to Chicago in 1963.

It is also interesting to note that Valerie Jarrett's mother, Barbara Bowman, was responsible for the founding of the Erikson Institute, which counted William Ayers' father as a Chairman of the Board Of Trustees.  It was a result of the her and her husband's socialist involvement in Iran that led her to the creation of the Erikson Institute, along with philanthropist Irving B. Harris, social worker Lorrain Wallach, and child psychologist Maria Piers.  It's original mission was to provide teachers with education on understanding the role family and culture play on a child's life.  This area of study was essential in establishing early education lesson plans designed to indoctrinate the youth.

I return to Jarrett's father, James Bowman, and his association with Mohamed Nemazee.  Mohamed, while known as the founder of his namesake hospital in Iran, he is also the father of Hassan Nemazee, who was a top fundraiser for not only the Democratic Party, but for Barrack Obama.  It is also interesting that Nemazee was arrested in August of this year for defrauding banks of $292 million dollars to fund his political activism.
This brief story took less than an hour to compose, and included many facts, with a couple suppositions, such that Valerie Jarrett's father was "allegedly" involved in Iranian communist organizations, or that her parent's experience in Iran played a roll on not only their future actions, but that of their child in the Obama administration, as well as the loose connection between Jarrett and the younger Nemazee, who has had recent legal problems.  My story makes the stretch that the Erickson Institute is an indoctrination training camp, and uses the Weather Underground connection to legitimize my claim (by guilt by association).  My story also fails to mention that Obama and the Democratic National Convention have pledged to return or donate to charity campaign contributions from Nemazee.

All in all, this was a very interesting exercise, where I have experimented in getting inside the head of a Fox News writer.  All that I needed was a couple nuggets of truth, and a lot of fiction.


  1. I was not aware it was "in" to be a communist...

    Is it possible that people are not communist, but are rejecting extreme right ideologies that have hijacked conservative groups, similar to both the story and the metaphor of 1956's Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, which could either be the paranoid feelings towards communism and/or the tyranny of McCarthyism.

    Either way, the dialogue from the right has no basis in intellectual discourse, only an emotional wrangling of the ignorant.


    You didn't emphasize, in any way, that the _President_ hand-picked this person, an obvious 5th columnist for radical Iranian Communist Islamists bent on indoctrinating American youth peoples.

    Can you tell if I was serious or not?

  3. Obviously I felt the point was obvious enough to not require my emphasis...

    Maybe the mainstream media could report on this, but only after it appears on Fox, after all, that is where real news comes from, if you didn't know already...


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