Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marco Rubio While In Front Of Teleprompter Slams Teleprompter Use At CPAC

Marco Rubio, the Tea Party candidate for Florida's Senate seat, took a jab at the president while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference. While referencing the recent snow storm, Rubio decided to make the same argument many on the right have made before him - that Obama is out of touch with America and uses a teleprompter to deliver his speeches. "The president couldn't find anywhere to set up a teleprompter to announce new taxes," Rubio said, but the funny thing is that Rubio himself was in front of a teleprompter.

The right seems to like bringing this point up but are not that keen on criticism against the right for the same non-issue. Take into consideration Sarah Palin, who had wrote crib notes on her hand for the National Tea Party Convention. While the notes were innocuous, Democrats pointed out that Palin, among others, was guilty of using speaking aids as well. They did not attack her use, only the hypocrisy, but the right had already put their spin on their use, claiming Palin to be "folksy" in writing on her hand, and as for others such as Rubio, they just seem to ignore the fact.

This hypocrisy is another reason why I dislike Marco Rubio just a little bit more and will be more inclined to vote for Charlie Crist (I am not the biggest fan of Democratic candidate Bill McCollum). Rubio seems to be the opportunist, playing to the base that seems to love these teleprompter jokes instead of actually making solid arguments. Rubio makes attack after attack, but he never seems to address issues and how he as a conservative will tackle the issue. To me, Rubio is making himself out to be another obstructionist Republican.

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