Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All Eyes On MA

It seems the Republicans are placing all their eggs in one basket, and tat particular basket is the Coakley-Brown race for Senator Kennedy's old seat in the senate. I have heard lots of negative press against Coakley, but I would have to be honest in stating that I have not followed this race, but it surprises me as to how many stories are focusing on the Democrats losing this seat more then anything else.

Looking at conservative websites, this race is preoccupying the majority of the headlines. Big Government has dedicated half of their headlines to campaign related stories. TownHall.com has done the same, with numerous stories either about the race or the ramifications of a Republican win. Fox News has gone as far as to endorse the Republican candidate Scott Brown. If I believe pretty much all the stories that have been circulating, it seems like the Democrats will lose this seat to the Republicans, effectively giving the Republicans the chance to filibuster future legislation.

The only thing I think about when seeing these numerous stories all over the web is how the conservatives claim a liberal bias of the media, unless it is a story that they started and propagated. The conservative news outlets have reported about how close this race is and they pushed their stories onto the mainstream media. The mainstream media picked up on these stories and what once was a lead for Martha Coakley turned into a neck-and-neck race with the outcome looking to favor Scott Brown. One term comes to mind - electioneering. As a side, if you even do a search for "neck-and-neck" on Google, a report about the senate race is third on the list...

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