Monday, January 4, 2010

Fox News Desires New Front In Yemen, Expand The War...

Fox News pushed an article on January 3rd titled "Despite Al Qaeda Threat, U.S. Not Planning to Expand Terror Fight in Yemen." By the tone of the title, it seems Fox News wants the United States to divert resources from it's two existing wars to go fight in Yemen, despite cooperation from the nation's government.

White House aide John Brennan had stated that "the Yemeni government has demonstrated their willingness to take the fight to Al Qaeda" and "they're willing to accept our support. We're providing them everything that they've asked for."

Yemen has garnered increased scrutiny because of 23-year-old Nigerian, who attempted to detonate a bomb on Christmas Day, claimed to have received training and instructions from Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Republican Senators quickly seized on this attempted attack, with Senator Kit Bond from Missouri calling for prisoners at Guantanamo to stop being transferred to nations like Yemen, where they will reenter the terrorist organization. This is clearly a rebuttal to the administration's plan to close the facility, which has been a black mark on America's human rights record and a point of contention for the minority party, which asserts that doing so would make Americans less safe. This has been a common theme for the GOP, with former vice president Dick Cheney claiming the President is pretending there is no war, placing America in jeopardy.

Republicans have tried painting Democrats as "weak" in terms of military commitment but Brennan pushes back on such notions, stating that the administration is "determined to destroy Al Qaeda whether it's in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen -- and we will get there."

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