Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Standard Weekly Believes Obama Neglected Yemen, Neglects To Mention Bushes Neglect Of Yemen First.

"Obama Pretends to Get Tough on Yemen... after a year of neglect" is the title of Stephen f. Hayes article for The Weekly Standard.

Just a quickie here...

If Obama neglected Yemen for a year, then what exactly did President Bush do for 7 years?

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer blames the war on Iraq as the cause for the Christmas Day attack claims Hayes, an argument Hayes describes as banal and absurd. Hayes goes on to write that "what's more interesting is Pfeiffer's claim that his boss has finally refocused U.S. counterterrorism on its proper targets in places like Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen." This goes back to my question of the entire premise of the article: if Obama is refocusing on the real targets on the war against al-Qaeda, then what was the Bush administration's excuse? Can the diversion of forces to Iraq be the cause? I think so.

Just to make it clear, I do not believe President Obama has "neglected" his duties in regards to Yemen.

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