Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hannah Giles Returns!

It seems Hannah Giles has made a post on Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, reminiscing about her involvement in breaking the ACORN "story" last summer. In her brief article, she discusses how she was some little 20-year old girl swept up into the fast paced journalist world, where her little video piece made with fellow filmmaker and activist, James O'Keefe, was being spread all around the nation.

I found the piece funny, because in her article, she discusses how she kept out of the spotlight, avoiding both "positive and negative coverage," to avoid becoming "fearful or arrogant," but it seems she had already become the latter.

I would believe that her self-imposed silence has less to do with her protecting herself from her ego and more to do with the lawsuit against both O'Keefe and Giles, as well as Breitbart.com LLC, that was filed last fall, where they sued for damages and injunctive relief from the tapes and their disclosure, as well as the conversations that were taped. I would assume that Hannah and her activist cohorts were probably advised not to discuss much about what happened on the tapes to avoid further incrimination, and instead focus on what didn't take place on the tapes, which is what Giles has done.

In my opinion, it seems that Giles has become arrogant in her attempt to climb up the journalism ladder. In her article, she discusses how she was a "key player in the action that caused such an overwhelming bipartisan reaction in Washington and doing so unconventionally every step of the way," referencing the H.R. 3571, also known by it's shorter title, the "Defund ACORN Act." By unconventional methods, I assume Giles is referring to her illegal wiretapping and video editing, and I find it quite interesting that she now discusses her influence on Congress, which led them to write a bill of attainder, when despite all the secret videotaping, ACORN was not found to have done anything illegal.

Her story wouldn't be complete without a reference to the mainstream media and how they are attempting to suppress her story, but I assume again that she is confusing "suppress" with "fact check."

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