Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The New "No" Vote

Say hello to your new Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown. Brown, a Republican, won what is considered one of the most Democratic seats in the nation, which was previously held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. While I am not too surprised, considering the amount of money poured into the campaign by conservatives and the lack of urgency by the Democrats, I am a little worried about the passage of new legislation, such as a final health care bill. Brown promises to be a thorn in the side of the Democrats, but does he actually want to work on issues, or is he just playing the bipartisan card to pander to the left? I'll go with the latter.  One thing is for certain - considering Brown had the backing of the tea party elite, he is guaranteed to be the blocking vote against any legislation, and considering the GOP won't vote on any issue unless it contains negative provisions against ACORN, then I forsee an uphill battle for the administration.  As for healthcare, the Democrats in the House need to grow a pair and pass the Senate bill and worry about the details later.  In my opinion, any legislation is better then no legislation.

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