Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breitbart's Concept Of "Nation Building"

Here is a quickie. On Big Government, there was a link to an article on, with the link being titled "Biden Commits To 'Nation Building' In Haiti."

While Biden and the Obama administration are pledging tremendous financial aid for the recent disaster, is appears the conservative twist is to compare it to the more common use of the phrase "nation building," which is closer to what President George Bush had done in Afghanistan and Iraq, where they toppled regimes to place a more Western form of government compatible with our ideals...

While the author of the article might be talking about the amount of aid being given to Haiti for rebuilding efforts, it seems the use of the word in a headline sounded rather condescending of the administrations efforts (maybe because it puts the relief efforts from Hurricane Katrina to shame).

Maybe I am looking to deeply into something, but given the Andrew Breitbart's bastardization of journalism, I won't put anything pass him or any of the content on his websites.

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