Friday, January 15, 2010

Sand Lake Hills HOA... Unchecked Abuse Of Power

Here is a quickie article regarding the Sand Lake Hills Homeowners Association, Inc. Looking logically at what the association wrote had got me thinking. Reading the association's FAQ regarding their Amended and Restated Covenants, the following question is asked:
Right now, I pretty much like how the HOA is being run, but what is my recourse if future Boards get out of hand.
The HOA's response is the following:
You can recall the Board, vote them out of office or as a last resort, even begin legal proceedings against the Board. Voting them out of office, or running against one or more of them would probably be the most effective. Remember, the Board serves at the will of the membership.
There is a problem with their answer. They want to mandate each section of the neighborhood, but maintain the claim that each section will remain voluntary despite every homeowner being forced to pay their association money. Those homeowners who do not join into their association have been constantly denied access to their meetings and have zero voting rights, so if a Board gets out of hand, how does a homeowner who is not a member get to stop an out-of-hand board?

Some homeowners have tried to resolve this conflict with the HOA, but the HOA has only threatened legal action against those who would not blindly pay into their organization. By the HOA's logic, one would have to join the association to fight any injustice, but by doing so would make them liable to the corporation for things like fees and assessments.

Where are the checks and balances to this Board's abuse of power?


  1. Sound's like court is the only option. Otherwise the deck is stacked.

  2. There are residents who have pending lawsuits but many don't know what is going on in the neighborhood, so I use this blog to write articles so they will become more aware.

    Since the Association keeps quiet on most issues, I figure I will do the job, and believe it or not, what I am writing is as fair as I could be! I may sometimes interject opinion, but everything has been dissected and analyzed from both sides...


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