Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apparently corruption is killing America, or so says Glenn Beck the sycophant.  On his program yesterday he showed a map of the United States where he highlighted the centers of corruption in America.

He starts his map with ACORN and SEIU, where he points to Wade and Dale Rathke and exclaims that they should be "villains in a James Bond movie".

Beck moves on to Chicago, where he asks what can possibly be corrupt in Chicago, where he displays a picture of former Governeor Blagojevich, William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Barack Obama.  He calls Chicago the "heart of corruption" and had even broken away for a second insinuating that the death of Christopher Kelly, who was indicted along with Blagojevich and died last week of an Aspirin overdose, was actually murdered and was being covered up, presumably by the former governor.

His next jump is to New York City, where he shows a picture of Senator Charles Rangel and Bernie Madoff.  He also mentions the Wather Underground, but Bernie Madoff?  Beck mentions that Obama had stated that we need to "redo the financial system" and then he points to Madoff.  What does this have to do with anything?  Nothing.  He is trying to establish an neural association between Obama and Madoff.

Next stop is San Fransisco where there is Nancy Pelosi and Van Jones.  He focuses on Jones for a bit and mentions STORM, and asks Democrats if that is who they are.  This is interesting.  He is now appealing to the Democrats.  I assume he knows that you can't win elections without support from the middle, and he already has the conservative base eating out of his hand, so now he needs the liberals to help him succeed.

This all leads to Washington, where Beck calls for a quarantine of Washington, where nothing goes in and nothing comes out.

Becks attacks seem to have increased in absurdity over the past few weeks, in which he seemed to stress a couple times in yesterdays programs that the Teachers Union has donated to ACORN.  Beck is now trying to intimidate the union, in hopes that they cease to give funds to ACORN.  What I think is interesting is that he is attempting to destroy this organization, going from the childish (insulting the founders), to entrapment (sponsoring young reporters to set up stings), to now bullying those who support or contribute to the group.  What if this was not a union, but a single person who had donated to ACORN?  Would Beck call for that person's life?

I also find it interesting that Blagojevich is seeping back into the conservative news.  Just the other day he was on Huckabee promoting his new book.  Blagojevich tried to say that he did nothing wrong, even drawing comparisons between himself and Huckabee.  Huckabee, in his talk show host mode, was calm and civil, avoiding any kind of accusations or attacks on the former governor, but he did ask something that I thought was interesting.  He asked about Tony Rezko and he had also asked Blagojevich if he would subpoena Rahm Emanuel, or even Brack Obama.  I thought that this question indicates something that we would see increasing in the conservative talk shows, especially Glenn Beck.  Bringing Blagojevich back into the equation, Beck could, and it seems he already is, is trying to make associations between the governor and the president.  I would not be surprised if he calls for the president to testify at the hearings for Blagojevich.

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