Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marijuana For Universal Medicine

I have just launched my new website, Marijuana for Universal Medicine, which is intended to outline my proposal to fund universal healthcare by means of leaglization of marijuana.  The thought had come to me while I was debating the pros and cons of universal health care and our current health care system with a couple people I know.

Personally, I think the potential to fund the entire system overhaul is great, and the societal benefits should seriously be considered.  Recent discussions on legalization have been renewed due to the economic crisis, such as what is taking place in California, with Governor Schwarzenegger calling for debate on the matter.  I do not believe legalization to fill state budget gaps is wise; we all saw what the states did with such budget surpluses in relation to increased tax revenue from the housing boom.  I do believe a more focused application of funds collected from legalization could be put to use at the federal level, with savings from enforcement benefiting municipalities.

All of these options will be outlined on my new website, and I hope to have contributing authors to offer various opinions and viewpoints as well...

You may also have noticed some changes on this website, including a small apparel shop on the bottom of the page.  To help fund my efforts in researching and spreading the word on my project, I will be offering various clothing and accessories through a Spreadshirt account, which can be viewed here.

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