Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Okay For Republicans To Use The Word "Asshole"

I thought of another Republican double standard. 

Nine years ago, on the campaign trail at a Labor Day weekend rally, then Governor Bush was caught on a microphone pointing out a reporter to his running mate Dick Cheney, uttering the following:
There's Adam Clymer, major-league asshole from The New York Times.
Dick Cheney concurred.

The conservatives instead of apologizing for the comment, defended it, claiming the comment was a private comment between two people, and was justifiable because Clymer, in Bush's opinion, had written unfavorable articles about Bush in the past.

Fast forward to 2009, where Republicans are upset because of a comment Van Jones made referring to Republicans as "assholes", the same term President Bush used and defended.  What could possibly make this situation different?  Was it because Van Jones is black?  Was it because he was talking about an opposing political party that has vehemently attacked not only Jones, but the administration and proposed legislation in recent news?  What could it be?

Most likely everyone has been called or has called someone an asshole, so what is the real issue surrounding this comment?  Is it because the conservatives are extremely upset about health care reform, and so any distraction is a good distraction?  Seriously...  someone needs to dig up a video of Glenn Beck calling someone an asshole, or Bill O'Reilly calling someone an asshole, and see where that goes.

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