Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Wilson Explains His Actions, Asks For Campaign Cash (VIDEO)

I was not aware that there is no appropriate etiquette or parliamentary procedure in place in our nation's capital... or maybe I was unaware that Wilson had the floor.

He is painting himself as the victim, after he got the facts wrong, and now he is preying on the ignorant masses to pay for his election. I hope his outburst costs him greatly. I am not familiar with the political climate in South Carolina, or who Wilson's opponent is, but I would like to see this incumbent defeated.

His outburst was childish, and I would not like my representative to behave in the same way. Maybe this was Wilson's way of trying to get into the national light, so he can be featured on Hannity and Beck and O'Reilly as a champion for the people and another contender for 2012... considering all the other GOP presidential hopefuls have all dropped off the map after their marital indiscretions.

His apology wasn't sincere.  It was only a grab for attention, and it did the trick... it got him on the air for additional time to plea for cash.
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