Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Unintended Consequences Of The "Defund ACORN" Act

Critics of both the stimulus and the health care bill argued that such legislation was drafted too quickly that nobody had a chance to read it, yet they want this legislation. This is the same kind of populist reaction that occurred over bonuses for employees of bailed out institutions, only the unintended consequences can do more harm then good (depending on which side of the coin you are looking at).

This may have been just the bill America needed to stop unnecessary funding, or to eliminate business dealings with corporations that engage in illegal activity, and as a result save tax payers potentially billions of dollars. Consider the amount of money such as Blackwater, Halliburton, KBR, and any of their subsidiaries received in comparison with ACORN. Acorn had received $53 million since 1994, but the big three military contractors $25 Billion in almost half the amount of time (since 2001).

Lets see the reactions of the Fox News commentators who pushed and pushed for this to come. Ask and you shall receive...

To read the article from the Huffington Post for reference, please click here.

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