Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fox News: The Movie

I had noticed something the other day while watching Fox News... Glenn Beck resembles, in both action and appearance, Jiminy Glick, the fictional character portrayed by Martin Short from the series The Martin Short Show, and then subsequently Primetime Glick.

When watching Glenn Beck, I always visit this thought and it helps me digest what I am watching, and at times, I even imagine that I am really watching Glick, and it brings a smile to my face.  It had also got me thinking of Fox News: The Movie; I would wonder who would play the remaining Fox talking heads.

I would think that Sean Hannity could be played by Tony and Emmy award winning actor, Nathan Lane.  Lane could bring some dignity and sophistication to the role, and maybe a song and dance number as well.  I imagine Sean Hannity in those old Scope commercials and it just cracks me up.  I would think that his character would play more of a supporting role in the film, and for some reason I picture him to be like another Lane character: Albert Goldman from The Birdcage, which also starred Gene Hackman, which brings me to my next actor. 

Although the resemblance is not as great as the Beck/Glick and Hannity/Lane resemblances, but I think Academy award winning actor Gene Hackman could play an excellent Bill O'Reilly.  He could play a more fatherly role to the younger Beck, maybe offering a few heart to hearts, with arm wrapped around the shoulder, walking around the studio discussing how things work and showing Beck the ropes, only to later be eclipsed by Beck.  A also see a seen where Hackman's O'Reilly slaps a whiny Hannity.

All and all, I think this possible movie would be entertaining, and would be accompanied by the disclaimer: the following movie contains characters based on real people, but includes fictional reporting, much like their real life counterparts. 


  1. Concerning Gene Hackman and Bill O'Reilly similarities, I think Pat Buchanan fits into the mix as well, (or will when he loses some more hair).

  2. Here's another "journalist" who seems to have learned in school that it doesn't matter whether you've ever heard someone speak, if he is on the "other team" you're obligated to try and get your weenie sized rocks off by making derogatory comments about them. In his simple mind this is almost as complex as a Yankees/Red Sox game. Mr. Jim Kelly, I suggest you wake up and figure out what is going on around you. Glenn Beck might help you figure it out. Yes, even you might be able to figure it out if you listened to him or watched him. You are a total nitwit.

  3. Anonymous... not sure what exactly you are talking about. Who is Jim Kelly and why would Glenn Beck help him figure things out? or, are you referring to me, and in that case, I have watched and listened to Glenn Beck, and as an intelligent person, I have researched everything he has said. Sometimes he may say something that I agree with while other times he is flat out wrong.

    If you are trying to say that I am someone who learned in school to bad mouth the "other team," then you are clearly mistaken. I am a Republican. I had always been (except for a brief period where I was registered Libertarian). I have an independent mind and am not a sheep, following Beck's every idiotic word.

    Consider his Goldline advertisements and apply what he says about Goldline to him:

    Use gold in a diversified portfolio. Do your research before buying it. Gold is not for everyone.

    The same applies with Beck.

    Keep an open mind. Listen to diverse news sources. Listen to Beck, but also listen to Maddow or Oberman. Look into the "facts" Beck talks about on his show and find out their context. Make a decision about Beck and his "news." Beck isn't for everyone, but it seems those who are believe everything he says are ignorant.

    Beck good. Education bad.


  4. I enjoyed re-reading this post as I picture a very funny movie. They should do this, maybe even an HBO original, sort of like the Leno/Letterman "The Late Shift".

    As for Mr. Anonymous, he just sounds like someone who has drunk the right-wing kool-aid. Immediately going on the attack with baseless claims, talking about his talking heads as gospel (or messiahnic if you go by his actual wording), and even knocking education.

    Of course Beck didn't even attend college, and Hannity dropped out after a very short stay. Which in my opinion makes them as credible on educated topics as entertainer, actor, droput and sometimes drugee Sean Penn....actually lots of similarities to Beck so maybe Anonymous can start listening to Penn to.


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