Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Journalism's O'Keefe Hypocrisy - Why Allegations Against The Pretend Journalist Just Isn't Fair...


Big Journalism was upset today when they found out that earlier in the week, there was mention on PBS that James O'Keefe attempted to mess with Senator Landreiu's communications system.
O’Keefe and company pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of entering federal property under false pretenses.  There were never any allegations of a plot to bug or wiretap Sen. Landrieu in the FBI affidavit and a law enforcement official conceded over a year ago that the four men were not attempting to wiretap or intercept calls.  Despite all that, the reporter from PBS makes a definitive and erroneous claim that the activists pleaded guilty to attempting to bug Landrieu’s phones.  What’s more, legal representation for the accused went on record in January of last year, almost immediately after the arrest, stating there were no intentions to tap phones in the Senator’s office.
Why should anyone care about Big Journalism's correction request?

Just consider the Planned Parenthood videos pushed by Andrew Breitbart's websites and party girl Lila Rose - despite proof shooting down claims by Live Action and the right wing that Planned Parenthood "aided and abetted" underage child prostitution rings, Breitbart and his propaganda websites have continued to push their narrative.

As for O'Keefe's lawyers claiming O'Keefe was innocent - thats what lawyers are supposed to do, so maybe Big Journalism's idiotic correction Llama should find a cozy home in a zoo and leave journalism to the pros.

Update - Oddly, Glenn Beck's The Blaze had an excellent review of the video and the raw footage, pointing out inconsistencies and spots where the editing changes the context entirely.

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