Friday, March 4, 2011

Conservative Media Embarrassed By Unemployment Numbers

Looking at the headlines today, it is hard not to notice news that the United States' unemployment numbers dropped to 8.9 percent - the lowest in nearly two years and more evidence that the economy is starting to pick up.  Private sector jobs had the most robust growth, adding 220,000 jobs to the economy, while public sector jobs shrunk by 28,000, but you wouldn't know this if you got your news from sources like Fox News, Big Government, or Newsmax - all three sites have jumped on under-performing employment numbers and all three seem absent of any information regarding the positive news.

In order to find information on Fox News, I had to do a search on their website, which led me to a minute video from Fox Business, which simply stated the numbers - no criticisms like when the numbers are below what is expected, but they did offer this:
Still, February's bounce in employment after payrolls were depressed by extreme weather in January is unlikely to sway the Federal Reserve from its ultra-easy monetary policies.

"This is an on par reading, enough to satisfy those who were looking for a stronger number, but not enough to placate those who were looking for something well ahead of consensus to make up for the weather-related weakness last month. This is indicative of decent momentum in economic growth. It will be enough to make a dent in unemployment, though job creation isn't growing fast enough to lower the rate quickly." 
If figures continue to trend upwards, Republicans are going to have a hard time attacking the administration on the economy come 2012, but knowing the Republicans, they will probably credit their victories in the midterm elections for turning around the numbers...

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