Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisconsin Law Blocked!

Monica Davey wrote the following for The New York Times:
A judge issued a temporary restraining order on Friday that prevents Wisconsin’s new law cutting collective bargaining rights for public workers from taking effect, at least for now.

The decision, issued by Judge Maryann Sumi of the Dane County Circuit Court, temporarily bars Wisconsin’s secretary of state from publishing the controversial law, one of the procedural requirements for it to come into effect in the state. Publication had been expected late next week, but Judge Sumi’s ruling delays that until at least March 29, when she plans to hold a full hearing on a lawsuit that questions the validity of the collective bargaining law based on the speedy manner in which it was carried out earlier this month.
The best part about this ruling - Judge Sumi was appointed by former GOP Governor Tommy G. Thompson!

That doesn't matter though - ignorant conservatives are already claiming judicial activism and court shopping by Democrats to find a sympathetic judge. 

"It seems to me the public policy behind effective enforcement of the open meeting law is so strong that it does outweigh the interest, at least at this time, which may exist in favor of sustaining the validity of the (law)," said Sumi.

The public policy Sumi is referring to is Wisconsin's open meetings law.  Republicans still claim they were in the right.

With this issue moving through the legal system, Republicans still have the option of ramming this legislation through again - they just have to do everything according to public policy first...


  1. This is what happens when Democrats stay home on election day. You get a megalomaniac governor with a learning disability and the most repulsive bald spot I've ever seen. You deserve this for thinking you have anything more important going on on election day...

  2. I'm hopeful and going to be positive about the outcome. I truly believe, what(GOP)did, was illegal.

  3. The first issue is whether Walker is too stupid or stubborn to admit he might have made a mistake. The second issue is whether Walker will have enough votes. He lost one the first time. One down, two to go. P.S. Thanks for fixing the comment section. I have been unable to comment for the past two weeks.

  4. Not sure what happened with the comment section. I haven't done anything different.

    As for Walker, I think Walker is too stupid to admit a mistake. He continues to claim to be correct. I hope Walker and the GOP continues their arrogant ways - the Republicans will see some trouble come next year, but by then I suspect some Republicans up for reelection will downplay their role...


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