Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Times A Charm? Wisconsin GOP Still Believes Anti-Union Bill Is Law!

For the second time in a month, a Wisconsin judge halted the controversial anti-union legislation Republicans rammed through while Democrats were protesting across state lines after conservative lawmakers defied the judge's orders and published the law, not by formal publication by the secretary of state but through the Legislative Reference Bureau, and then insisted that despite the ruling the law was in effect.

"Apparently that language was either misunderstood or ignored, but what I said was the further implementation of (the law) was enjoined," said Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi. "That is what I now want to make crystal clear."

Walker's administration begun to implement the law even though Sumi stated that the Republican's actions violated her order.  State Department of Justice spokesman Steve Means went as far as to insist that the law is still in effect.

Apparently Wisconsin Republicans don't believe in the separation of powers of the three branches of government, granting a higher authority to the executive and legislative branches - only to Republican members, of course.

If Republicans keep it up, it looks like Judge Sumi may have to address the matter a third time, and by then, I wouldn't be surprised if the defiant Republicans face some legal consequences themselves...

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  1. As I have stated earlier, judges at all levels do not like to have their authority questioned and the soon to be ex-governor is about to learn this lesson. In the mid-90's, the Alabama Chief Justice refused to follow a federal order and take down the 10 Commandments. He was disbarred. An assistant attorney general was quoted as saying the law is still in effect. He better hope the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns the judge, because this is very similar to the Alabama situation.


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