Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Republican Party Is Turning Into A Cult

I feel that I am a reasonable, rational Republican, but I have been pushed out my own party. I have been told by "true Republicans" that I am not a Republican at all, but instead a "Conservative Democrat". My positions have not changed but apparently I have moved farther to the left.

From what I have observed and read over the past few years, the Republicans believe that they represent a majority of Americans, and they lost because they compromised their beliefs and moved closer to the center during the previous election, and now it is time for their pendulum to swing back to the right, but this time stay there. This delusional mindset is manipulating those with "faith" in the party, and those same people are acting against their best interests unbeknownst to them.

Why is it they believe they must retreat to the base to win elections when, year after year, it is the rational moderate voter that determines elections? I was registered Republican, but I voted for Obama. In the right's eyes, I simply do not exist. Must they forget "Reagan Democrats" and "Clinton Conservatives" helped decide the fate of two presidents, one being their equivalent to the conservative messiah, who must be invoked in any speech they give?

I am reminded of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, and believe the recent criticisms are just another example of GOP swiftboating. When will the "moderates" stand up against demanding truth and civility?
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