Friday, April 23, 2010

John Smithson Lies Some More, Demonstrates His Ignorance Of Online Advertisements

Updated April 24th, 2010.

John Smithson, conservative activist over at the Midknight Review, is at it again, spreading his lies and misinformation about this site.  Apparently, his newest whopper, is that this website is liberal, and his proof is that an advertisement for Barbara Boxer appeared on my web page.  Smithson just shows how ignorant he is to the way things work in the world, because had he taken the time to think before making such idiotic comments, he would have realized that I have no control over the content of the advertisements on this site.

They are based on algorithms designed by Google, not me, and so the content of the ads are created by some kind of complex equation that takes into effect everything from page text to reader location, hence the advertisements for Barbara Boxer on Smithson's screen (Smithson lives out in California).

The closest thing I had ever written that Smithson can use to back up his lie is an article I wrote last September that discussed Andrew Breitbart's connections to Fox News, referencing a Big Government article by Chuck DeVore, the California assemblyman vying for Boxer's seat.  Chuck DeVore himself had even commented on my blog post, leading me to call out his "populist knee jerk reaction" as a way to play off the media coverage for more votes.

As I had also pointed out before in another post comment, I have other conservative advertisements on this site as well, and here are some pictures of them from my front page (I will add more as they pop up on my screen):

And here are some more from my feed:

Notice how the latter ad from my website is an ad by Rick Scott, Republican gubernatorial candidate for Florida?  That is because I am in Florida, and Google's intuitive algorithm recognizes that posts I have made contain content relative to the advertisement.  The plentiful Obama ads, either for or against, are probably because of the amount of articles that discuss the president (he is my top label).  I am sure that if I wrote enough blog posts about President George W. Bush clearing brush on his ranch, you would begin to see advertisements for landscapers...

Case in point, the following advertisement that features multiple links with the word "midnight" in the title:

I would also like to point out the first link in the advertisement for "Breyer Midnight Sun."  This ad appeared after I had conducted a search on Google for "Breyer Ice Cream."  Thought this was interesting since the topic focused on Google advertisement selection.

If Smithson's whole argument hinges on my advertisements, then I think he better find a new angle, because right now, I think my six conservative advertisements beats his single liberal one.

Update - April 24th, 2010:

I was recently surfing , you know - that "socialist rag" - when I noticed this advertisement:



  1. Bold face lies are what we have here, Kev. You refer to an article, apparently. No such article exists. Quite frankly, your blog is of little consequence and I have decided -- as of a couple of weeks ago -- to ignore your blog on my site. No point in aiding the enemy, right.

    Post the article off my site that does what you accuse me of -- get after it, Kevin . It ain't there.

  2. Actually, I am referring to a comment you had made on this blog, asking the following question:

    "Still pretend to be "moderate Republicans" while supporting Boxer?"

    Your question insinuated that myself, c, or this website in general "supports" Barbara Boxer, based on the fact that a Barbara Boxer advertisement appeared at the top of this website. I simply stated the reasoning behind why such ad would appear, and since I posted this article, Google algorithms apparently have done their job, because lo and behold, I finally saw this Barbara Boxer advertisement you had mentioned.

    You had then ended your comment with the following question:

    "What is the difference, specifically, between a Boxer supporting, Huffington reading, Obama voting, "moderate" and a Boxer supporting, Huffington reading, Obama voting "liberal"?


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