Monday, March 15, 2010

Rebecca Bell-Metereau For District 5, State Board Of Education, Texas

As we all may know by now, the right wing had seized control of the Texas State Board of Education, using the position to infuse their political and religious agenda with the state, and essentially the nation's. Rebecca Bell-Metereau, a candidate from Texas' District 5, had recently left a comment here, and while I may not live in Texas, I will do my best to help reduce the influence of the right-wing in America's schools.

From Bell-Metereau's website,
Our state ranks number one in high-school dropouts, and our State Board of Education isn’t helping. Instead of being leaders in improving public education, they’re busy tearing it down.

Their record of mismanagement includes dumbed-down textbooks, a public endowment placed in the care of cronies, and a curriculum that intrudes on private matters of belief. Enough is enough!

As a mother of two graduates of Texas public schools and a long-time educator at Texas State University, I want to take our public schools back. Texas students need to learn the most advanced science, technology, literature, and social studies.

The more we learn about what is happening on the Board, the more we see the urgent need for change. Please help me to ensure a better education for future generations and fiscal responsibility for our tax dollars. Please take the time to explore this site to learn more about what’s at stake.

I would appreciate your vote, your donations and your help asking others to vote for me in the general election on November 2nd.
We need to elect just one more sensible person to take back the board. Let’s rescue public education in Texas!

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