Thursday, August 26, 2010

College Must Release Palin Visit Information

Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Roger Beauchesne had ruled on Wednesday that California State University, Stanislaus must release information pertaining to Sarah Palin's visit to the campus earlier this year.  The college refused to disclose such information previously because they insisted that the event was sponsored by their nonprofit foundation and therefor not subject to the California Public Records Act. 

I find that argument to be ridiculous and apparently so did the California judge - he had also ruled that the college must release any documents regarding the use of college property and service during the former half-term governor's visit.  If the college had gotten it's way, a public entity could simply create a nonprofit to circumvent the law, which would definitely not be in the intrest of transparency.

I am interested to see just what exactly comes out of this ruling, although when questions were raised about this matter I thought it to be somewhat of a silly issue and the only importance I placed on the event was if reports about Palin's selectiveness were true, then it would definintely contradict the image she has portrayed to the media she grants access to.  Lets just hope something good comes out of this or Palin's camp would surely try to use this as a "gotcha" moment, claiming her critics will stop at nothing to discredit her - I guess those ethics violations weren't enough for the Wasillabilly...

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