Saturday, August 14, 2010

Right Wing "News" Headlines - Shariah Law And The Faith Based Initiative & The 23rd Amendment

Here is another experiment at some right-wing punditry concocted by the authors of The Midnight Review (we had played around with conservative "reporting" in the past with our "Valerie Jarrett/Iranian Socialist/Democratic Corruption/Indoctrination" story that was quite popular among our conservative readers and thought we'd give it another go).

Headline: President Obama To Use Bush's Faith Based Initiative To Spread Shariah Law
Here is something quite alarming that is not being discussed in the lamestream media - President Obama and the Democrat regime has been trying to ram down our throats extremist Shariah Law, from the president's constant apologizing and bowing to Islamic heads of state to appointing Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court to try and supplant the Constitution with her crypto-Islamic ideology, but the administration's newest assault on the foundations of America has taken an interesting turn by utilizing President Bush's Faith Based Initiative to steer money away from Christian organizations and into the hands of Islamic groups - some that are linked to the boats that attempted to break the Gaza blockade.

Under the Obama administration, the part of the executive branch dealing with the Bush's initiative had been renamed the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and had appointed Egyptian-born Dalia Mogahed to an advisory council - she has fiercely defended such groups as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Both of these organizations can be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood - a group that had influenced Osama bin Laden.

It is through these means that Obama plans to spread Islam, attacking Christianity on a different front - using Islam to toy with the needy, effectively indoctrinating a sizable portion of America to rally behind his Islamic ways.

Headline: Repeal The 23rd Amendment
With the election of BHO to the "White" House, we as Americans have seen an awakening across the nation - average citizens have tired of being apathetic with their civic duties and have decided that enough is enough, and with such rediscovered responsibilities comes some much-needed thought and discussion regarding the political situation of America.  Most importantly, we as Americans need to analyze the 100-year war that has been waged on American soil and I'm not discussing the Plantagenets versus the Anjou - the Progressives have teamed up with the Democrat party, socialists, Marxists, and communists, and pretty much every radical left group in existence to rewrite America's constitution to take away power from the states, completely elliminating the federal system our Christian founding fathers established in all their wisdom nearly 300 years ago.

While the Democrats now have been ignoring the 10th Amendment to pass Obamacare and Wall Street reform, there had been other gross violations of the Constitution that have been overlooked.  While one such violation would be the creation of the 17th Amendment, which called for the direct election of senators effectiveley takinng power away from the States, the other dangerous, and less talked about amendment to the Constitution is the 23rd Amendment, which gave a number of electors to the federally created District of Columbia, diluting the voting rights of the individual states.

The 23rd Amendment gives the District of Columbia a number of electors equal to the least populous state, essentially giving the federal district the same powers granted to the states.  Understanding that the government can give the district electors based on population, using the census, there had been a great Progressive diaspora intended to invade "red" states, serving a double purpose - to elective progressive legislators and administrators and increase the number of electors for the District of Columbia to siphon presidential votes away from the states.  It is for this reason why metropolitan areas like New York City have experienced population declines for almost the last 50 years.

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