Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why John Smithson Doesn't Understand Copyrights

If you haven't noticed, a frequent topic on this blog is John Smithson, a conservative Christian blogger who had made numerous baseless claims (as well as a meaningless "cease and desist") against this website.  One particular subject matter is copyright infringement, mainly because Smithson had claimed that this website plagiarized the name of his similarly named website.

While Smithson's claims have been thoroughly debunked, it has come to the attention of this blog just why Smithson believes he is allowed to copy other people's works while attacking others - his son is a singing wrestling champion!

In a response to a thread on a religious message board Smithson frequents, someone posted a question regarding copyrighted material and if it was okay to post them online - here was Smithson's response:
And I think that you can duplicate what is written if you do not profit from it and/or it is not duplicated as a course of business  (as a church does with their singing or a buisness does with the birthday song  --  have you noticed that no business actually sings "Happy birthday to you .."  It is because of the stinking law.)    What G does is not in view.   My Son is a worhsip leader and has his own band   ---------------    I will ask him.  He will know because he is a State and Valley wrestling champion who sings.
I must have missed the part on the bar exam where they discuss musical scales and submission holds.

Smithson later commented on the thread that since no music or videos were posted, then they were okay, so by that logic it is safe to say that all printed material is free for the taking.

And Egon said "Print is dead..."

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