Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Harry Heilmann, Gold Star #22

After visiting some blogs that have climbed high up in my rotation, I had discovered that Nice Guy Eddie's blog, In My Humble Opinion..., has awarded The Midnight Review by inducting the site into the Nice Guy Eddie's Hall of Fame - The Midnight Review was awarded The Harry Heilmann, Gold Star #22.

Here is what Eddie had to say about this site:
Folks, let me first say Kevin K's blog has been on my short list since about January. And yet every month it seemed like I'd remember some other site, or some site would come to my attention that I felt I just HAD to talk about.  But enough's enough.  This has been a LOOOONG time coming.  Kevin K is a prolific blogger, with incredibly in-depth, well-researched and well-cited posts.  He's a great source for a well-informed take and keen insight on everything that's going on in the world of politics.  Comparing my blog to his would be like comparing AM Talk Radio to the way a News and Political media source SHOULD work.  (I'd point to an example, but given the sad state of our media, none really comes to mind! NPR?) Anyway, check it out. The only reason I occasionally sound like I know what I’m talking about is because the are people like Kevin K. (and ClassicLiberal and other Gold Stars that I've mentioned) who do a much better job at this than I do.
I was very flattered by Eddie's gold star - I started this blog a little over a year ago because I figured I spent enough time surfing the web reading everyone elses articles that I might as well make one of my own (using it share my opinions and to practice my writing skills for classes), and over the year it has grown steadily.  I am glad to see that people are enjoying the site and hope that things will only improve over time, and I would have to disagree with Eddie on one point - his last sentence where he insists that I do a much better job then he does.  Eddie's blog is amazing - he is very knowledgeable, his posts are well written and intelligent, and he always seems to have an original opinion on whats going on in the world.  I also enjoy the fact that he engages in discussion with his commenters - an attribute that I try so hard to emulate.

Seeing that he had given this website a gold star named after a baseball player, I have decided to pay him the same honor by awarding him The Gary Carter Gold Star!

Growing up in New York City, my family was big Mets fans and we headed out to Shea Stadium every week to watch them play.  I don't know what originally made Gary Carter my favorite player, but for some reason he had stuck with me all these years.  My other favorite player would be Mackey Sasser, the backup catcher for Gary Carter, for signing a baseball for me on August 18, 1989 when David Cone refused to do so - that can have a serious effect on a young boy on his birthday!  After Carter left, Sasser became my favorite Met - I even remember pretending to be like Sasser, double-clutching the ball when throwing back to the pitcher.

Anyway, again, I thank Nice Guy Eddie for the recognition and hope to continue living up to the "single most meaningless, over-rated and over-the-top award in the world!"

Also, since Nice Guy Eddie gave out two gold stars, I might as well award another website to be consistent, so the Mackey Sasser Gold Star (saw that one coming?) goes to TomCat's political blog aptly titled Politics Plus.

Politics Plus is another amazing blog that offers very interesting insight into today's political scene.  TomCat offers detailed opinions on various headlines and is very understanding of the issues, avoiding the thing that bothers me the most - hypocrisy.  TomCat applies the same to everyone and he is open to discussion regarding everything, even if it is a differing opinion.  When I first considered blogging, it was both In My Honest Opinion... and Politics Plus that I found early on that I thought "got it right" and I thank both of those sites for setting the bar high.

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