Friday, August 27, 2010

Comment Moderation

Frequent visitors have probably noticed by now that this website had begun comment moderation shortly after an "anonymous" commenter posted the home address of someone they believed was associated with this website.  The comments posted since then have been received and have been read by Midnight Review moderators and those that had not met this sites terms of use were not posted.

Unfortunately we had to switch to comment moderation to avoid the unwarranted and unsolicited posts of others that aimed to detract from the topic or stir up trouble with inflammatory remarks.  Conflicting opinions are always welcome, but insults are not.

If certain commenters wish real debate, they need to accept the fact that there will be moderation and avoid making baseless comments or outright incendiary comments, such as insinuating the authors of this blog are slanderous uneducated drunks, sex offenders, or "gruntface" cowards - besides, is that anyway a supposed good Christian should act?  I'm sure Jesus would be very proud...

Here are the rules, plain and simple:

Be respectful of the authors and commenters of this website and contribute to the debate.

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