Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Is Terry Jones Still Around?

I had found this story about right-wing Pastor Terry Jones, who has made recent headlines regarding his "Burn the Koran" day, and thought I would share it:
Infamous Pastor Terry Jones, known for his activism against the Gainesville Florida mayor, and for his "Burn a Koran Day" has been arrested for possession of child pornography. Wednesday August 4, 2010 Pastor Terry Jones was arrested for sharing pictures of children in various states of nudity over the popular file sharing network Limewire.
Now I had recently noticed an article on The Huffington Post from two days ago that showed a video of Terry Jones on an August 26th appearance of Hard Ball with Chris Matthews.

How is it that this peddler of child pornography is still given media access to spread his hypocritical hate?

"We have declared September the 11th 'International Burn a Quran Day' because we want to send a very clear message," Jones said.

"It is indeed a radical message but a very clear, radical message to Muslims, to Sharia law, that that is not welcome in America."

Apparently he sees no problem with child pornography in America...

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  1. The right wing don't mind child porn. They view children as objects, not humans.... at least, once they're past the fetal stage they're objects for use, not human beings with rights.

    A few years ago the pastor of a megachurch was accused of molesting parishioners. The church council made a big deal out of hiring a private investigator. Seventeen men reported that he had molested them, and the church council decided not to fire him... because there were no witnesses. According to the bible, it takes the testimony of two men (women not mentioned) to convict somebody. So they chose to ignore the seventeen adult men in their own congregation and keep the sexual molester. Now, he did get fired a year later, but that was for financial mismanagement, I believe- a much more serious offense than sexually preying on others.

    They just don't think like normal humans.



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