Sunday, August 8, 2010

Palingates Catches Sarah Palin In Another Lie, Her Fans Look The Other Way

Seems the Oracle of Wasilla is at it again - after comments Sarah Palin had made regarding President Obama's plans surrounding the Bush tax cuts, Politifact had decided to, well, fact check Palin's statements and found that they were completely false.  Not to be undone, Palin took to her Facebook page to cry some more about how she is right and everyone else is wrong - no big surprise there.  There was only one problem with Palin's little  note - she let another lie slip through the cracks when defending her previous lie.

Patrick at Palingates had made a post today pointing out just where Palin went wrong.  On her Facebook note, Palin posted the seemingly innocuous statement (emphasis added on the portion of interest):
(By the way, the Left sure gets wee-wee’d up when they’re called on something like this, eh? And here I am, thousands of miles away from DC out on a commercial fishing boat, working my butt off for my own business, merely asking the Democrat politicos and their liberal friends in the media: “What’s the plan, man?”, and they seem to feel threatened by my question. So, I’ll go back to setting my hooks and watching the halibut take the bait, and when I come back into the boat’s cabin in a few hours, I’ll log back on here to read their reply. I’ll have succeeded if they’re forced to finally reveal to Americans how they plan to increase taxes, and what they intend to do with our money. In the meantime, I’m catching fish.)

- Sarah Palin, in Homer, Alaska
The trained eye of the Palingates team pointed out somethings that were very interesting - the Palin's do have a commercial fishing business, but it is not located in Homer, Alaska.  The Palin's fishery business is actually located in Dillingham, and consists of fishing nets to capture salmon.  Palingates did reveal that Palin was in Homer, Alaska filming her cable television show.

Why would Palin feel the need to lie about something so silly and unimportant?

Probably to make her more relatable with the simple minded folk that follow her every move and believe her to be the GOP's savior in 2012.  Lets just take a peak at some of the comments left on her Facebook page:

Wow.  Santosh Collison believes allowing the taxes to sunset was all part of a plan to collapse the dollar - I bet the Republican led Congress feels pretty stupid about that. One reader pointed out that it was a Republican Congress that passed the legislation but the response from another Palin fan was that Democrats forced that provision in there in order to get their support - who's was being the fiscally responsible one there?

I love Renee Plummer's little line at the end about writing bad checks.  How exactly is allowing a tax to sunset to increase revenue and reduce deficits equate to writing a bad check?  Did Renee ever take economics?  I think that in reality if you wrote a bad check, you'd be hit by tremendous fines from the issuing bank - sort of like Wall Street conducting business unchecked resulting in the collapse of the entire economy.

Seems like Mark Adams entered into the typical right-wing response - any criticism must be "liberal" criticism.

Dick Liptak tried to hit a double whammy by supporting Sarah Palin blindly and make fun of former two-term Vice President Al Gore.  Did you see what I did - I made fun of Palin by pointing out that Gore was able to complete not one, but two of his terms that he was elected to serve.

Sorry Treva - I don't think it is Obama that calls your husband's bonus secondary income - I think that would probably be the Internal Revenue Service, and the tax code regarding bonuses has probably remained the same for years - also, 53% sounds a bit high.  From what I have read, the federal government charges a flat rate of 25% regardless of income.  State and local governments may charge additional amounts which would add to the final percentage taken out.

I also saw a whole bunch of "You go, girl" comments, making me feel as though I was in an episode of Martin, but the fact of the matter is, the Palin fans refuse to accept any criticism of their idol and will buy into her lies any day of the week to keep their reality together.  Let's just hope that Palin continues making these statements so the rest of us can publicize her idiocy and help further prove the damage the fringe element is causing to American politics.

I did want to point out that some comments left were actually in support of the facts (not Palin's facts), but those commenters were quickly attacked by the fanatics...


  1. It doesn't matter to her fans that she lies every day. They worship unconditionally. If she posted a facebook note that said she was coming to eat their children, they would click a "thumbs up" and leave a message on her page saying that they are off to sprinkle their kids with meat tenderizer and seasoning.

  2. I always find the comment sections of websites very interesting because it places you in the mind of those who have read the article. Take any of Andrew Breitbart's sites - the comment sections are filled with many ignorant comments and fundamentalist Christian attacks on Islam...

    These people just try to breed stupid...


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