Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sharron Angle Not Supported By Her Supporters

In a poll released on Friday in the Las Vegas Review Journal, numbers showed that voters overwhelmingly wished they had a different candidate to compete against incumbent Harry Reid.
Two-thirds of voters who say they back Sharron Angle wish another Republican had won the nomination, according to a poll for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and 8NewsNow that shows deep dissatisfaction with both the Tea Party pick and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.

Nearly eight of 10 voters who remain undecided or who don't like Angle or Reid say they, too, would have preferred if the staunch conservative hadn't won the June 8 primary over her more moderate foes. And 58 percent of such nonaligned voters say they wish Reid hadn't won the Democratic nomination, suggesting a majority of Nevadans are unhappy with their choices.
This is a perfect example of the Spiral of Silence and why an overactive minority can gain more attention then it deserves - the GOP had created a monster with the tea parties by co opting their invents and using extreme rhetoric to rile their base, who negatively affected the primary when they picked a right-wing idiot to compete in the general election.

Who in their right mind would think Angle was a good choice?

The problem is that the media have been bullied into complacency in regards to the tea parties and now they can't report on the negative aspects of the ragtag web of right-wing groups, and with that kind of information blackout, the tea parties only become more vocal, but as we may see happen in the general election (and what we are seeing with Angle's supporters), the Spiral of Silence may be coming to an end with a majority of the population rejecting the right-wing candidate.

This is the same situation we see playing out in Florida, although Rubio isn't as stupid as Angle...

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