Friday, August 27, 2010

Freedom Works Is People...

I saw this article by Bill Hennessey on Big Government and thought the first paragraph was funny:
The bizarre and unlikely rebellion known as the Tea Party began with only a few thousand people in a few dozen places on February 27, 2009. Those of us who were there in St. Louis or Atlanta, Chicago, or Los Angeles, feel a bit of trepidation as we approach the November 2 Mid-Term. Will we live up to our promise? Or will we live under the growing tyranny of debt, taxes, regulation, and corruption.
I guess this guy never heard of FreedomWorks - Dick Armey's conservative organization that has tried to define the "movement" attempting to pass off their campaigns as "grassroots" events.  The tea parties are constantly claiming autonomy from the establishment, so it is rather peculiar that these organizations go unchallenged by the tea party.

On another page on Big Government, they advertise a tea party rally hosted by Minnesota dimwit Michele Bachmann... 

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