Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Palin Would Have Quit The Vice Presidency

Someone asked me at work yesterday why I didn't vote for John McCain and I gave them some of my reasons, but when I got to the point about Palin - how she was unfit to to Vice President - he stopped me and said: "That shouldn't of mattered. Palin would have quit anyway and then you would have had someone better."

I thought about it for a little bit and realized that he was probably right, though had I known at the time of the election that Palin would quit her job as governor, I still wouldn't have voted for McCain - there were just too many things I did not like about him and his campaign.

If you consider Palin's big reason she gave for leaving office - she couldn't afford the legal fees surrounding her numerous ethics complaints - then you must consider what Palin would have mad as Vice President. In 2009, the VP earned $227,300 - as Alaska's governor Palin earned $125,000 (her and her husband together earned more then $200,000). The raise in pay still wouldn't cover the costs Palin claimed she was facing, which she placed at around $500,000.

Palin would have most likely quit the Vice Presidency to become what she is today - a celebrity entertainer for Fox News and the tea party.

She wouldn't of liked the position anyway - there are too many people and cameras to avoid...

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