Thursday, August 12, 2010

Glenn Beck "Supporter" Of "Ground Zero Mosque?"

I'm listening to Glenn Beck right now as he discusses the "Ground Zero Mosque" and thought something he said was rather odd - Beck claims that he was "a supporter for this mosque all along."

Here is what Beck has had to say about the "mosque" on his May 14th program:
GLENN: Now, may I tell you something, America, that is — I'm going to ask you to breathe deep. I'm going to tell you pieces of a story and each piece is going to make you more and more angry. I just want you to breathe deep. Piece Number 1: You know that ten years after the World Trade Center and we got nothing, right? We got nothing. Breathe deep. Ground Zero's just still — breathe deep. But right across the street from Ground Zero is a brand new 13 story mosque. Breathe deep. Breathe deep.

PAT: I don't need to because I heard from an imam yesterday.

GLENN: Yeah. So it's a 13 story mosque.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Okay?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: And it opens 9/11/11, on the tenth anniversary of Ground Zero, a new mosque opens up right across the street of Ground Zero. Now, we'll get that imam's explanation here in a second, but I just, I just would like to point this out. Our kids are being expelled from school on a made up holiday, a holiday that's not even celebrated in Mexico. It's a made up holiday, a holiday that we celebrate, Cinco de Mayo, it was made up by Dos XX and Corona. Our children are being kicked out of school because they're insensitive for wearing an American flag on Cinco de Mayo on a T shirt, but nobody wants to talk about, oh, I don't know, how that might be a little insensitive to open and dedicate a 13 story mosque on the lip of the hole that is still there, the scar that is Ground Zero? You don't think it's a little insensitive to dedicate that mosque on 9/11 at Ground Zero?
Does that sound like Glenn Beck "supports" the proposed Islamic cultural center?

Ignoring all the inaccuracies in Beck's statements (like the opening date of the mosque or the origins of Cinco de Mayo), maybe Glenn Beck is referring to that time he defended the center on constitutional grounds, but things have changed now that Beck had enough time to integrate the mosque into his convoluted conspiracy theories.
In May this year when the community center near to Ground Zero was just a small story, Beck expressed his dislike for the project, but said that the U.S. Constitution protected religious establishments from Uncle Sam's long arm. He mentioned that his own religion, Mormonism -- considered a bizarre (even threatening) religion by some Americans -- was often getting the run-around when it wanted to build a Temple in different U.S. neighborhoods.

But this week, Beck pulled a switcheroo and insisted that the mosque should be stopped and that the American public should awake from its stupor and weigh in against it.
Gloves off, Beck drew a diagram of Imam Rauf's ties to a group supporting the Turkish flotilla (boarded by the I.D.F. in May, 2010) that tried to run an Israeli blockade and whose passengers, he said, then "stabbed Israeli soldiers as they boarded the ship."

Beck warned his audience that a new flotilla was on the way and that it would be named, "the Audacity of Hope," an obvious advertisement, he said, for Barack Obama's last book and an actual quote from the "Jew-hating" Rev. Jeremiah Wright - the one who dared to mention in reference to 9/11 that America's "chickens have come home to roost."

As if that was not enough, Obama's old Chicago pal, Professor Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian-American historian, would be organizing the new flotilla "to get those Jews."
Glenn Beck was never really for the mosque - he just pretended to support the construction of it to try and give him some credibility at the time the story was gaining momentum among conservative circles, after all, what kind of lover of the constitution would attack a religious building from being constructed in a nation that protects the freedoms of religion?

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